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Seasonal rental in Hossegor

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Discover the best vacation rentals in Hossegor with Barnes

Luxury properties for seasonal rental in Hossegor

Are you looking for a holiday rental in Hossegor to spend a long or a short stay with your family? The best properties for rent in Hossegor are Barnes, a specialist in real estate in Hossegor and luxury real estate in the Landes. Discover our selection of apartments and holiday homes for rent in the most beautiful areas of Hossegor, and enjoy a stay in prestigious conditions. On the seafront, in the heart of the city or in the tranquility of wooded parks, we select for you houses to rent in Hossegor during the summer which are distinguished by their luxury services: terraces with swimming pool, landscaped gardens, summer kitchens and pool house, suites with private bathrooms and walk-in closets, living spaces of extraordinary dimensions and high-tech equipment. For your seasonal rental in Hossegor, we reserve you exceptional villas, but also prestigious apartments with terrace in very high-end residences, with parking lots and elevators. Contemporary architecture and design decoration or typical Basque-Landes style, with a view of the lake or the golf course, the most beautiful holiday rentals in Soorts-Hossegor are selected by Barnes for lovers of luxury stays.

An agency specialized in rental management in Hossegor

Tourist town prized for its surf spots, its golf, its exceptional living environment between lake and ocean, or its quality restaurants and shops, Hossegor is a promising sector for seasonal rentals. Prestige properties are particularly sought after by a clientele of vacationers in search of luxury and comfort. Barnes offers the lessors of exceptional houses and apartments in Hossegor to take charge of the rental management of their property. You will thus be able to make the periods of vacancy of your second home profitable and take advantage of the favorable taxation on rental income, by relieving yourself of the day-to-day management linked to the rental. Barnes is committed to an extremely qualitative management of your seasonal rentals, by offering you several formulas adapted to your expectations. Barnes supports you by estimating the rental value of your property, by advising you on its valuation, and by taking care of advertising dissemination. The Barnes network, active in France and abroad, allows you to benefit from a reliable clientele and the intervention of trusted partners for cleaning, transport, cooking and concierge services. Barnes also offers a linen rental service. We dedicate to you within our team a single point of contact, who devotes his expertise to the rental management of your property. Barnes is above all committed to the result in its search for a clientele suited to your property, in order to ensure the best profitability in complete safety.